A device that transmits electrical energy from
one circuit to another through a conductive
electrical conductor. In general, it roles as a
transmitter by isolating high and low voltages,
and meets the high voltage specifications like
motor and solar power applications.

Micro Speaker

It is a module that identifies objects through
biosensors. It's possible to recognize a specific
person or object by recognizing a person's
fingerprints and is a very good complement
to the security system.

Fingerprint Module

It is a component that makes a certain frequency
to constant sound. It can be developed and
mass-produced with custom products from
customers and maintain strict quality by owning
more than 10 quality test equipment.


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Hello. We are pleased to greet through our website to our shareholders and customers.

SUYU International is established In 2009, right after the 2008 global financial crisis, contributing to the nation's economic growth.

SUYU International organized of Electronic components business and food service business having customers of small to major companies through the world. Based on the spirit of the company's mission “We will get results if we try”, we have created a business model that can coexist with our partners. SUYU International's aim is making to meet needs of customers with saving cost. And we are going to develop based on our clean business activities.

As the definition of CI "Be indispensable like water. Be irreplaceable to our customers.", We will continuously strive to become a company that can contribute to shareholders, customers and society by making sustainable growth without being satisfied with present. We will always discover for new things and the needs of our customers so that we can adapt to the changing environment and we will also continue to grow by constant studying based on corporate sustainability management. We will corporate our social responsibility and will be moving towards the future, not just looking at what we didn’t achieve. And finally, whether it's a company or a person, we're going to be thinking as a moto that we must be changing to adapt environment.

I ask for your support and attention.
Thank you.

SUYU International CEO Gerrard Lee
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